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Specialty Certificates

We have a military certificate to HONOR THE WIVES of our servicemen. With all the years of selfless love and dedication to her husband and family, taking on the duties, often-times of a single parent for months on end, we feel our military wives deserve our appreciation and commendation. We have developed this beautiful certificate to do just that.

Speaking of the duties of a single parent, there are times the Husband needs Honor for this as well, and the Kids too, for they sacrifice a lot to have one or both of their parents out of the home for so much of the year. You might also honor others who have been supportive, such as parents.

Your own words of appreciation can be substituted as well. Custom made and Available for all services.

These are Specialty Certificates:

The wording can be changed and custom made for your certificate. The design can also be custom made to fit your needs. You may want to honor your parents or children as well.

Sample wording:

"This is to Commend (Wife's name), who on this occasion, to honor her husband's twenty-four years of military service; has earned his grateful appreciation for her unselfish, faithful and devoted service; whose support, love, sacrifice and understanding helped to make possible her husband's lasting contribution to the United States of America. Given this 2nd Day of April, Two Thousand and Fourteen."

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Specialty Certificates
Mother's Day and Father's Day

Give a special Certificate of Appreciation to your mother or father recognizing their steadfast support, sacrifice and understanding they have given in service and dedication to your family.

These personalized certificates can also be used to honor a grandmother, grandfather, stepmother or stepfather, etc.

Everything we do is designed especially for you.

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Mothers Day - Fathers Day Certificates

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