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Specialty Certificates
Appropriate for honoring all Family Members
who made a difference in the lives of our service men and women

We have a military certificate to HONOR THE WIVES of our servicemen. With all the years of selfless love and dedication to her husband and family, taking on the duties, often-times of a single parent for months on end, we feel our military wives deserve our appreciation and commendation. We have developed this beautiful certificate to do just that.

Scroll down to view enlargements of sample certificates and read the text.

There are times other family members such as Husbands and Kids need to feel honored and appreciated as well. They sacrifice a lot to have one or both of their parents out of the home for so much of the year. You might also honor others who have been supportive, such as Parents, Extended Family Members, Friends, Support Groups or members of your Church Family, especially in the case of single parents.

Your own words of appreciation can be substituted for what you see here. Click on the images below to view the enlargments of various ones we have done. You can also view several samples of wording on the Order Form page.Sample wording for Military Wife:

"This is to Commend (Wife's name), who on this occasion, to honor her husband's twenty-four years of military service; has earned his grateful appreciation for her unselfish, faithful and devoted service; whose support, love, sacrifice and understanding helped to make possible her husband's lasting contribution to the United States of America. Given this 2nd Day of April, Two Thousand and Fourteen."

PRICING: Pricing for our Military Wife or Family Certificate of Appreciation is $49.00. This includes placing your loved ones name and your message into the text. You can either choose wording from one of our template messages, use portions from different tamplates or replace the wording with your own. Placing signatures are available as well.

PROOFING PROCESS: As your certificate design is developed it will go through a "proofing" process. You will be able to view the images of your certificate via your e-mail. (We also make it available through our webpage online or by US Mail if you do not have a computer.) You will be able to let us know of the changes needing to be made and we will brainstorm together on ideas for the design. When you give the go-ahead as "Perfect," it will then go to print.

CUSTOM designs can be made. Please contact us for a price quote on those.

Have your certificate set into a plaque: We can set your certificate into a beautiful plaque with cherry finish displaying a classy gold border for an additional $49.00. Shipping for plaque with certificate is $18.00 (total plaque price with shipping: $67.00)

If you would like a plaque we can place your signature/signatures onto the certificate before printing. In our coorespondence with you during proofing we will let you know how to provide us your signatures.

Military Wife or Family Member
Certificate of Appreciation

Click on the images to view enlargement and see the wording

Great for Mother's and Father's Day
  Certificate of Appreciation for Mother
Certificate of Appreciation for Father

CJM Certificates

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