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Military Wife Certificate of Appreciation Display
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Most of us are aware of what our veterans have given for our country, but Military Wives have worked just as hard at home, tending to the children, taking all of the responsibilities upon herself, often while carrying an outside job as well. Once the family gets settled in a neighborhood or church and become a part of their community they are often uprooted from everything familiar. The military wife often feels alone as she is trying to settle her family in a new town, especially while her husband is on deployment. She is continually having to re-build a new life for herself and her children. Military wives must also learn to juggle the tedious balance of responsibility when he returns, only to pick it all up again when he is again deployed. These changes and shifting balances of power and responsibility are not easy. The sacrifices of a Military Wife contribute greatly to her husband being able to carry out his duties -- yet her struggles often goes unnoticed. The concern for her husband's safety adds stress to her daily challenges. She must have strong emotional fortitude to handle her fears and insecurity, and yet make sure her children do not sense her stress so that they may grow up strong and secure.

There are times a husband has a wife who is a servicemember as well, and the roles are reversed. Depending on his strengths and emotional make-up, this can be an extremely hard role to fill, as he is also working and caring for all of the needs at home. While military spouses donít have an official role; they donít wear uniforms and they certainly donít wear rank, they do serve in an unofficial, unrecognized, supportive capacity.

Military children need to feel honored and appreciated as well. It is not easy to have one or both of their parents out of the home for so much of the year. They may attend many different schools throughout their childhood, never being able to build and keep solid relationships with their friends, which is especially hard during the high school years when life-long friendships often form. Changing curriculum and lesson plans, changing teachers and teaching methods can cause them to struggle in school. They often develop problems with self worth and lack confidence in their abilities which often affects their grade level. Though they experience travel and many good lessons in life along the way, military life can be quite challenging.

You might also want to honor others who have been supportive, such as Parents, Extended Family Members, Friends, Support Groups or members of your Church Family, especially in the case of single parents.

Military Wife or Family Member
Certificate of Appreciation

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Military Wife and Family
Appreciation Certificate

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