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United States Commemorative Medals

The majority of veterans are not familiar with more than 77 commemorative medals. The tradition of issuing commemorative medals had been existent since the Revolutionary War, or for more than 231 years. Then, as now, they recognize campaigns, service or historical events a veteran participated in or supported.

Commemorative medals have grown in response to World War II veterans who wanted medals to commemorate D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge and other special events. It has slowly expanded to cover recent historical military operations.

Several commemorative medals have replaced ribbons such as the Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation, the Combat Action Ribbon and one we use often in place of a ribbon: the U.S. Armed Forces Retired Service Commemorative Medal. Take a look and see what you are eligible for.

It is interesting to note that commemoratives are often issued before the government campaign medals have been minted. The two most recent examples being the Liberation of Afghanistan and the Iraqi Freedom Campaign Medals. We know the newest ones may not yet be displayed on this page, however we do have access to them and can place them on your certificate. If you know of any of any other military commemoratives that we do not have listed here please let us know.

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FOR YOUR CERTIFICATE: We place your govt. issued medals first, and then we add the commemoratives, or you can order a certificate with only commemoratives. Commemoratives have a ribbon for every medal, but not every ribbon has a medal to go with it.

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